Олимпийский чемпион показал "руки мертвеца" после заплыва по Северному Ледовитому океану

  • Олимпийский чемпион показал руки мертвеца после заплыва по Северному Ледовитому океану
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Британский спортсмен Алекс Грегори с командой гребцов "Полярная рябина" поучаствовали в 2000-километровом путешествии из норвежского Тромсё в Исландию через архипелаг Шпицберген.

Британский гребец Алекс Грегори, который отправился в июле совершать 2000-километровое путешествие из Норвегии в Исландию вернулся домой из путешествия. Двукратный олимпийский чемпион вместе с командой "Полярная рябина" 20 июля отправились в экспедицию из норвежского Тромсё до Исландии через архипелаг Шпицберген.

Однако спустя месяц после начала заплыва команда высадилась на норвежском острове Ян-Майен, и из-за плохого самочувствия четверо из шести членов команды отказались продолжать экспедицию.

После месяца гребли по Северному Ледовитому океану Грегори сфотографировал руки, которые долгое время находились в мокрых перчатках, до сих пор не вернулись в норму и больше похожи на руки мертвеца. Однако, как отметил спортсмен, уже через две недели руки пришли в норму.


2/3 After around 7 days of tough seas and with failing power supplies we made the decision as a crew to head for the island of Jan Mayen in order to recover, recuperate and fix the technical issues we were having onboard with the power supplies. My feet were extremely wet and cold, clothing damp, I was undernourished but to be quite honest in good spirits as we all were. I was hurting, I had been scared, I was worried about safety but I was happy. I was enjoying myself in the weird way that people do who willingly put themselves in these situations. I've heard it described as type two fun: pretty hellish while it's going on, but once done you realise the experience was so much fun! We were all glad to step foot on land on 19th August where we were met with open arms by some of the Norwegian residents of the military/meteorological base here. Hoisting our boat out of the water by forklift quickly and efficiently we were instantly safe. The best meal I have ever eaten awaited me...and these meals have continued for days since. If you ever come across anyone in need, help them. That is what these people have done for us. In reality all we needed or hoped for was a dry shed floor but we have been given everything. Beds, food, safety, warmth and friendship. The hospitality has been extraordinary on this remote volcanic island in the middle of the Greenland sea and it means so much to us. We have regained strength, I'm still suffering from the effect of cold on my feet along with some of the other crew members but I see it as a small price to pay for the experiences I have had. So on reflection I have decided not to step back on the boat. it's a difficult decision because I'm part of a team, a big team, team Polar Row. For me to be stopping makes it more difficult for the boat to reach the end destination of Iceland. But I support the skipper Fiann and am trying to help and facilitate that happening. This isn't easy though, we find ourselves on an island that is incredibly difficult to get on and off. We were lucky to find it and be allowed on, but getting off is nearly impossible unless you're prepared to stay for months! Continued...

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